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When the trader you subscribe to makes a trade, so will you. You don't even need to be logged in. Enjoy 100% transparent, fully automatic signals for your account today.

What is Binary Option Signals ?

Our top traders share their moves. These moves are called signals. Our marketplace shows the best performing signals so that you can pick and choose the right traders to follow.

How does it work ?

Binary Option Signals connects directly to your trading account with our exclusive broker. You don't have to be an expert, but you can trade just like the pros, following their moves.

Get Started in 4 Easy Steps

1. Sign up with

Register an account. It only takes a few minutes and it's absolutely free.

2. Follow a binary options signal

Link your Binary Option Signals account to your Broker account automatically.

3. Set Trades

When the Signal provider makes a trade, so will you. You choose the default amount.

4. Monitor your Progress

Monitor the progress of your signals taken and change preferences at any time.